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Internet Advertising Agency Services

The Group successfully entered the domestic internet advertising market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Horgos Dongrun Network Technology Company Limited (霍爾果斯東潤網絡科技有限公司) (“Dongrun Network”). Dongrun Network, an internet advertising service provider empowered by its self-developed DSP system, is committed to providing advertisers with accurate programmatic advertising services through marketing planning, media agency and programmatic purchase and data analysis. Focusing on internet advertising services, the company acquires media resources and services through purchase or exchange, and offers integrated and optimized media resources to advertisers to meet their marketing needs. Its internet-focused customer base includes Tencent, Fang.com (房天下), 37 Interactive Entertainment (三七互娛), Dianping.com (大眾點評), Renrenche.com (人人車) and Jiayuan.com (世紀佳緣), among other well-known names, in a wide range of segments such as e-commerce, online tourism, game, video, dating and automobile.

The Group extended its presence in the mobile internet advertising market through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Shenzhen Ai Wan Yue Technology Company Limited (深圳愛玩悅科技有限公司) and Horgos Sifan Information Technology Company Limited* (霍爾果斯思凡信息科技有限公司) (collectively, referred as “Ai Wan Yue”). Ai Wan Yue mainly provides customers with mobile application marketplace optimization services based on its proprietary technology, including improvement of APP placements at marketplaces, optimization of keyword search ranking and marketing services.

The Group successfully expanded its overseas internet advertising market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Million Stars Internet Media Limited (“MSIM”). Through its proprietary internet advertising platform as well as global mainstream online platforms such as Facebook and Google, MSIM provides customers with access to global advertising, including big data support, integrated marketing solutions, localization support and account stabilization services.